We love partnering with diverse clients around the world, helping them to achieve their marketing goals and freeing them up to focus on their businesses. 


“I brought Steve and the Dobbins Group team on board to lead our marketing efforts until I could hire a full-time head of global marketing, which I knew could take six months or longer. They quickly learned the business, integrated themselves into the team and elevated our marketing efforts across all channels. Their great work at a critical time helped position the company for major growth.”
— Jake Brandman, president of SWIMS

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“We hired the Dobbins Group for a video project promoting our dental academy and couldn’t be happier with the final product. They were able to take hours and hours of footage of complicated dental implant procedures and podium lectures and create compelling, high-quality videos that are perfect for our audience.”
— Jan Martin, CEO of Ascend Dental Academy

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“Steve’s 20+ years working with CEOs make him a great marketing partner as I grow my business coaching practice. He’s a great collaborator who helps me create strong, relevant content that speaks to my target audience, allowing me more time to focus on the business.”
— Jill Belconis, CEO and founder of Jill Belconis Enterprises LLC


“We brought Steve and Dobbins Group on board to help boost our digital marketing efforts and develop a multi-channel strategy. They quickly learned our business, helped us elevate our marketing and were a great partner on a variety of projects.”
— Julie Stewart, President and COO, SSI