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The Sustainability Story

Sustainability is smart business — and is much more than focusing on environmental impact (though we all agree that's a critical component!).

Many of today's most successful businesses focus on growing the triple bottom line, maximizing the interconnectedness of people, the planet and prosperity.

Rethinking the way your organization operates through this lens creates a positive impact in three key areas.

  1. Environmental impact: protects and preserves natural resources.

  2. Social impact: recognizes the importance of people and society, working to resolve local and global issues and treating all employees and suppliers fairly and equitably.

  3. Financial impact: improves profits through business practices that respect the planet, solve social issues, treat people fairly, and provide meaningful value through high-quality products or services.

Here are some of the long-term benefits of operating a more sustainable business:

Meet consumer demand: 80% of consumers say sustainability is important to them, and they are willing to pay more if a product comes from a sustainable brand.

Attract and retain talent: 40% of millennials have taken a job because of a company’s sustainability score and are willing to take a pay cut to work at an environmentally responsible business. As the largest workforce, not having sustainability initiatives could result in failure to attract top millennial talent. When it comes to retention, 89% of executives believe an organization with shared purpose will drive higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Improve brand and reputation: As noted, sustainability is important to consumers. With millennials changing their habits to reduce environmental impact, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) assets predicted to hit $53 trillion by 2025 — a third of the global assets under management — companies that lead with environmental and social values are establishing more popular and positive brand reputations.

Sustainability Leaders

Commemorating the 54th Earth Day in 2024, the Dobbins Group is celebrating our client partnerships with companies committed to sustainability initiatives that drive meaningful and positive change to address environmental and social issues.

Events Industry Council (EIC)

The EIC Centre for Sustainability and Social Impact is dedicated to providing globally relevant resources that champion the adoption of sustainable and socially impactful practices in business events. EIC contributes to a lasting pan-industry commitment to environmental and social responsibility, including accelerated action for sustainable development and increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion. EIC encourages the global events industry to drive meaningful change, create welcoming communities and improve society through its actions.

  • EIC maintains the globally recognized Sustainable Event Standards for events, conference centers, DMOs and other event stakeholders, as well as a Sustainable Event Professional Certificate for individuals.

  • Last week, EIC announced a sweeping strategic partnership with Oak View Group that will involve certifying more than 60 of OVG’s conference centers, including Chicago's McCormick Place, the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, and the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA)

MFMA is the leading worldwide authority for quality maple wood sports flooring around the world while supporting safe, environmentally-sound forestry management. The organization is dedicated to preserving and protecting North America's forestlands, while providing the forest products critical to the nation's prosperity. MFMA and its members are committed to providing the highest standards of quality available from our forests.

Casco EV360

Casco EV360 believes the future is electric. As Southern California’s leader in EV charging station installation, EV360 is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Adding EV charging stations to corporate social responsibility programs gives companies the edge to remain competitive, attracting top talent and creating employee loyalty.

Leading Peers

A premier community for CEOs to connect, collaborate and grow, Leading Peers helps CEOs succeed so their people and businesses prosper. A recent Master Class hosted by the membership organization discussed using sustainability certification as a competitive business advantage for driving social good.

What’s Your Sustainability Story?

Sustainable marketing promotes organizations that are focused on growing the triple bottom line: enriching the lives of people, sustaining the plant and maximizing profit.

Does your company have a sustainable story to tell?

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