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Four Marketing Trends to Elevate Brand Loyalty in 2024

Getting ahead of the curve in marketing will be essential for organizations in 2024 — and beyond. AI and technology are impacting nearly every aspect of how marketers create, collaborate and operate. It’s never been more important (or difficult) to cut through the noise and innovate your brand while remaining relevant.

2024 Marketing Trends

Below are four trends that we anticipate will shape the marketing landscape in 2024: Understanding these will help keep your customers loyal and you competitive in the year ahead.

1. Be Human


AI is impacting every industry. But, like all technology, it is a tool that requires human skill to leverage successfully. Marketing is comprised of science and art. Advancements in AI are making us more efficient and innovative, but AI isn’t replacing people. Humans are the heart and soul of creativity. AI tools help increase output, but consumers appreciate brands that speak directly to them and their unique needs.


Consumers are moved and motivated by emotions, empathy and creativity. They are moved and motivated by the HUMAN elements of marketing — not faceless algorithms. Marketing has become the new frontier in nurturing the transformational shift in balancing AI and EI. Our job is to train our teams on how to use these tools to automate and augment mundane tasks so that we remain focused on humanized brands that continuously improve customer engagement.


2. Maintain Brand Consistency


As more companies try to harness the ever-evolving power of AI some struggle to keep their brand consistent across channels. Efficiencies in content creation have exponentially increased output, but we’ve talked with clients who have seen a negative impact in managing their brand reputation as a result.


Their teams eagerly create, manage and distribute more and more assets (some with fears of being replaced by technology), but the messaging is too frequent and increasingly off-brand. It’s important to properly train marketers on how to use AI tools and provide guidelines for appropriate usage. Your organization should have a comprehensive strategy for utilizing AI. To avoid marketing fatigue, it’s quality over quantity at every touchpoint. Hiring an agency experienced in marketing AI can help develop your strategy and train teams on using the right tools to meet your business goals —without damaging your brand reputation.


3. Follow Ethical Privacy and Data Practices


Consumers have become more vigilant about how their data is handled. To maintain customer loyalty, you must be transparent in your data privacy practices on how you collect, store and use data. Your data collection and storage methods must include explicit consent from customers. It may be helpful to develop a team or task force (this could include cross-functional collaboration between compliance/risk management, marketing and digital services) to help maintain ethical data acquisition and storage practices and to ensure enforcement of the evolving privacy regulations.


4. Leverage Video Marketing


Video is the leading channel for narrating compelling brand stories, showcasing products, and building deeper connections with your audience. Video storytelling is a powerful medium that stands out among the rest. A dynamic blend of visuals and sound captivates and influences your audience in a way no other medium compares. It is also the most powerful tool for humanizing your brand and evoking emotion. For B2B marketers looking to differentiate in a saturated market, video offers an unparalleled ability to engage, inform, and resonate. In 2024, we anticipate a growth in live video streaming, where brands host live events, product launches, and behind-the-scenes experiences to provide immersive content that resonates with their audience.



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