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Creative Marketing: Fueling Business Growth in a Recovering Economy

As we enter the third quarter of 2023, the U.S. economy remains strong with most economists no longer anticipating a recession. Recent headlines point to a historically low unemployment rate, tight labor market and growing economy propelling the U.S. forward, despite global challenges. As the outlook continues to improve, many organizations are reviewing budgets and reviving projects that were shelved over the past two years.

Now is the time to reengage your customers, reimagine your projects and optimize marketing budgets to drive business growth. Spending is increasing amidst the optimistic economy, and AI is accelerating every touchpoint of the consumer journey. This calls for marketers to cut through the voluminous noise of the digital world and captivate your audience with meaningful and relevant content curated to their specific needs.

As marketing teams emerge from conservative economic confines, here are four ways to deploy creative campaigns to increase customer trust and brand loyalty in the current landscape — poising you to finish 2023 strong and set success for 2024 and beyond.

Bolster Performance Marketing Efforts

Performance marketing is a digital marketing strategy driven by results. It’s a great approach for companies seeking to reach their audience at scale because payment is made only after consumers take a specific action. These targeted outcomes can include clicks, leads or sales.

Client Example: Working with the Dobbins Group performance marketing team, Cleanroom Film & Bags (CFB) doubled down on its performance marketing efforts. Through the creation and deployment of highly targeted campaigns, CFB experienced a 10x increase in website traffic, obtained more qualified leads and ultimately a boost in sales.

Humanize Your Brand

Successful brands adopt a highly relatable and personal communication style with their target audiences. Humanized brands gain trust through authentic storytelling that builds relationships with consumers. This can be achieved via numerous marketing channels, with video a leading way to spark meaningful connections.

Client Example: The key to Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.’s (JJA) 65-year success has been and always will be their people. The Dobbins Group team worked with JJA to produce and launch a series of videos to highlight their culture to attract and retain top talent.

Invest in Your Website

Your website is your brand. It’s your first impression with consumers and the face and voice of your business. It’s your top marketing tool to build trust and brand loyalty, and it should be maintained and maintenanced regularly with careful attention to relevant and timely content, SEO optimization, security safeguards, and a modern user experience and interface.

Client example: 50/50 Women on Boards partnered with the Dobbins group to complete a website brand refresh to highlight and compliment new programs and offerings rolling out in 2023. The elevated design also compliments significant strides made within the industry they serve.

Partner with an Agency or Hire a Fractional CMO

Blending a fractional CMO and external agency with your in-house team brings a depth and breadth of expertise that complements and expands upon your full-time employees’ skill sets. Agencies are well-versed in the latest marketing trends, technologies and resources that will help grow your business.

Whether it’s a fresh perspective for events marketing, launching an omnichannel strategy, rebuilding a website, refreshing your brand, utilizing video for storytelling, or building a marketing and sales automation infrastructure, the Dobbins Group offers full-service support to achieve your short- and long-term marketing goals.

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