Welcome to the Dobbins Group


We live in a world of hyper change. Information races at us 24/7, and a constant barrage of noise can mean your most important messages never get heard. 

We want to help. 

 Effective marketing and communications strategies are key to any business surviving — let alone thriving. And yet many companies don't have the resources to hire the kind of talent they need to stay ahead. 

We can help.

 Whether you need a temporary CMO to develop marketing strategy, a full creative team to execute a campaign, a deep dive into your brand strategy and messaging, help selecting the right technology for your marketing needs, or simply a top-notch writer for critical communications, we will customize a solution to fit your needs and budget. 

Let's get started. 


What We Do

The Dobbins Group is a full-service consultancy solving marketing and communications challenges.

Our 20 years working side-by-side with chief executives gives us a unique, global perspective to deliver results-driven creative solutions.  

Our team helps companies and individuals build strong brands, market products and services, and develop strategic communications to shape your story and achieve goals. 

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Who We Are

The Dobbins Group brings together the best and brightest writers, designers, PR pros, brand strategists and other experts for customized project teams.

We love words and images, especially when they come together to make magic. We geek out over analytics and understand what makes journalists, bloggers and other influencers tick. We love what we do and welcome every new challenge. 

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Current client roster includes:

I brought Steve and the Dobbins Group team on board to lead our marketing efforts until I could hire a full-time head of global marketing, which I knew could take six months or longer. They quickly learned the business, integrated themselves into the team and elevated our marketing efforts across all channels. Their great work at a critical time helped position the company for major growth.”
— Jake Brandman, president of SWIMS