The world of marketing changes constantly. Even the most successful marketing and communications plans must be nimble to keep up with evolving customer expectations. This can be time-consuming and can divert resources from a company’s core competency.  

We’ve got good news:  Our Content Marketing Jumpstart is designed to help you aggressively accelerate your marketing efforts to help you meet your specific goals. The best part: We do all the heavy lifting. 



What is content marketing and why do you need it?

Content marketing generates 3x more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Why? Good content communicated with consumers from their point of view based on their unique needs and preferences.  

Here’s an example:

A plant nursery near San Antonio wants to sell more oleander bushes. It will certainly want to rank high in Internet search results for keywords related to oleander bushes in the areas surrounding San Antonio. But some consumers might not even know they want an oleander bush, so they won’t be looking for one. How can the nursery reach them? By creating content that addresses their needs. These consumers might do an online search for “deer-resistant shrubs” or “drought-tolerant plants” or “low-maintenance garden flowers.” Creating content that addresses their needs will help create awareness of the oleander as a solution and take them closer to a purchase. It will also foster a familiarity with the nursery and an appreciation of the valuable information it provides, which gives it a better chance of winning their business when they are ready to buy.  

Another important component to content marketing is lead conversion: It’s not enough to attract visitors to your website; you also need to convert them to leads so you can learn more about them, nurture a relationship and be first in line when they are ready to buy.

Our Content Marketing Jumpstart is designed to help you:

  • Generate more leads and close more sales without adding internal staff
  • Increase organic search traffic without overhauling your website
  • Meet specific goals within a set budget
  • Control what you outsource and what you keep in house

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Content Marketing in Three Easy Steps: Ready, Set & Go

  • Each of the modules is customized to your business and specific situation. We work with a broad spectrum of businesses, from small real estate firms to global lifestyle brands and everything in between.
  • The modular approach allows you to select the level of service that best suits your unique needs.
  • All three modules are actionable and ready to implement. 


Market Intelligence

  • Overview of your current situation and marketing approach
  • Assessment of the online presence and activity in your industry, including yours and that of key competitors 
  • Identification of key influencers  
  • Summary of trending topics  


  • Clarification of your unique value proposition 
  • Definition of target audiences and development of buyer personas 


  • Crafting of clutter-cutting messages and suitable style  
  • Determination of the right mix of communications tactics and platforms for delivering your content  

Action Steps

  • Implementable steps you can take to activate the strategy, generate more leads and boost your sales 
set copy.jpg


  • Identification of keywords that will make your content easy to find by the right people 


  • Guidance for setting measurable goals


  • Recommendations for tools and techniques that can help you manage and automate the process as well as track the results 

Content Matrix

  • Starter content matrix with examples of content that can be created for different buyer personas at varying stages of the buyer’s journey, as well as direction on how to distribute and measure it 


  • A tailored, actionable process you can give to any marketer, ready to implement




Go is an outsourced solution for executing the strategy from Ready and the process from Set. We implement everything in consultation with you. Our services include:

  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution
  • Metrics Tracking 


Let's get started! 

Contact the Dobbins Group for more information and to begin creating a customized Content Marketing Jumpstart plan for your business.