The world is moving too fast for traditional approaches to strategy. Navigating the new rules of brand engagement demands crystal clarity, readily actionable insights and a game-plan to put them to work. 

The Dobbins Group's brand strategy bootcamps are designed from the ground up to deliver a day-long workshop that will leave you and your team inspired, engaged and aligned. Every aspect and deliverable of a bootcamp is developed to address specific internal and external demands that challenge today’s CEO’s and their teams.

Brand Clarity We dig deep into your brand’s DNA and aspirations, identifying challenges and emerging with a practical framework that succinctly captures your brand’s core purpose, personality and values.
Alignment Strong brands are built on strong cultures. Engaging your team to identify and distill what defines you, we lay the foundations for an aligned brand driven culture.
Signal vs. Noise  Actions speak louder than words. The right actions can speak volumes. We’ll zero in on and amplify your most authentic and powerful brand signals and help you rethink how to deploy them.

Bootcamps are designed to identify core components of your brand strategy and then develop and test them in real time with your team’s full engagement. Insights and learning from the workshop are then refined, distilled and presented back to your team in a Brand Strategy Playbook. Your Playbook provides a concise roadmap for implementing a refined brand strategy, addressing the following essential components:

Brand Challenge What are the key challenges facing your brand today and how will you engage them?
Brand Framework Your brand promise, personality and values, the foundation of a refined brand position.
Core Language An authentic, unique and compelling expression of your brand - messaging that defines and connects.
Priority Signals Roadmap  Identifying where, when and how to get the most from investing in your brand signals.

If you are ready to deliver this kind of clarity and alignment to your team, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves, dig deep and help you create it. Practical brand strategy and insight, efficiently delivered in a toolkit you can readily implement.

Let's get started! 

Contact the Dobbins Group for more information and to begin creating a customized Brand Strategy Bootcamp for you and your team.