AI in Marketing is Here

by Jason Leon-Baptista, Chief Operations Officer

We’ve all heard the fear-mongering cacophony predicting that artificial intelligence will displace workers and eliminate millions of jobs. Granted, fear of the unknown coupled with today’s rapid rate of change can be unsettling, but we’re excited about a future where AI helps us be better marketers. 

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Counter to the dystopian mindset of robots taking over the world, we believe AI has the potential to unlock exponential value and equip marketers with the tools to create an unprecedented brand experience.


From content creation and website design to analytics and recommendation engines, AI has the potential to impact every touchpoint of the customer journey. By automating more redundant low-skilled tasks, AI allows us to focus on perfecting the high-level brand story, key messages and creative approach. Technology helps ensure the right messages are seen by the right people to help achieve business goals. 

AI’s impact on marketing continues to grow exponentially and is predicted to reach nearly US$40 billion by 2025. Most CMOs have a general awareness of the areas AI can be used in marketing but may be unsure of how to get started.

To jumpstart your AI journey, we’ve identified three marketing functions prime for AI adoption: content creation, analytics and omni-channel automation. 

Make It Personal

Customers expect a personalized brand experience. It’s no longer something to strive for, it’s an imperative. It’s our job to meet customers where they are living, anticipate their needs and eliminate friction at every point along their customer journey. AI makes personalization easier for marketers by learning through each interaction and delivering the right content in the context of the customer’s previous interactions with the brand. When you know how your customers engage with your brand, it becomes much easier – and more effective – to deliver the right message at the right time. 

Actionable Insights

As digital technology continues to burgeon, we’re faced with a deluge of customer insights. Dealing with all of this new data can be a Herculean task. Managing, structuring and gleaning actionable insights is incredibly complex, making it a perfect laboratory for AI.  

Consider the complexities of connecting all of your data across your marketing ecosystem of tools and partners. All of these generate data and insights, but they’re likely operating in silos. AI can bring multiple sets of data together to create an optimal customer experience and ultimately help you achieve your business goals. 

Automation is Key

Automating tedious and mundane tasks at scale frees up the time and energy for you to be more creative and innovative. Think of AI as member of on your marketing team, able to learn, perform tasks and provide value while giving you the freedom to focus more on driving strategic goals and creating innovative solutions.  If you’re looking to take your first step on your AI journey, identifying functions to automate in your marketing ecosystem is a great place to start. 

A strong brand identity and compelling content strategy bolstered by a robust technology roadmap will give you the competitive advantage you need to create an unprecedented brand experience today and for years to come. 

Let’s get started! 


About Jason

Jason Leon

Blending a love for the creative side of business with strong experience in analytics and strategy, Jason Leon-Baptista serves as chief operating officer for the Dobbins Group. In his COO role, Jason oversees business development and strategic planning, as well as market research and reporting.

Jason earned an MBA in management and social entrepreneurship from the University of Texas and a bachelor’s in economics and business form Westmont College in Santa Barbara. He previously served on the marketing team for the Dialog Group, an award-winning strategic marketing firm in Austin, Texas.